About Us

About Us

EBARA Philippines

Manufacturing of stainless steel and steel castings, cast components for pumps using the complete foundry process up to final machining with an accuracy of H7/g6 (JIS B 0401-2:1998, ISO System of Limits and Fits) while we maintain quality and delivery to satisfy customers’ requirement. Also, we manufacture engineering construction of pump systems, sales of pumps and their accessories, and maintenance services related to the aforementioned products.

Quality Policy

At EPPI, total customer satisfaction is our primary objective. In support of this, it is our commitment to:


EBARA Vision and Mission


To be the market leader in casting products among EBARA group of companies


Our aim is to make our products and services internationally acceptable, while we remain conscious in keeping a safe environment

ISO Certification

“Netsu to Makoto” (Passion and Dedication)

Founding Spirit

Both the employees and company shall strive for growth with passion and dedication to bring forth innovative ideas, rather than simply fulfilling the task at hand. When working with passion and dedication, there is nothing that cannot be communicated to others.